Small Tip to Convert LaTeX Documents To PDF


Two years back I have created some documents with LaTeX, Which I want now to convert them to PDF format. But stuck as I don’t know any tool, I thought of doing manually
For LaTeX documents to be converted to PDF, you need either the program Ghostscript or simply the tool ps2pdf.Here is a small and quick command to convert from latex to PDF.

Ps2pdf target.pdf

You can install ps2pdf tool from here

However, the result of a normal LaTeX-generated postscript file is lousy because LaTeX does not work with postscript fonts. For this to be better, the delivery of:

\ Usepackage {times}

In the LaTeX document. Postscript fonts are now used.
In order to use a table of contents as a HypertextLink collection, there is the package hyperref. For everything to function properly, the following must be specified in the LaTeX document head:

\ Usepackage [dvips,
Pdftitle = {document title},
Pdfauthor = {Author},
Linkcolor = blue,
Urlcolor = red%
] {Hyperref}

Now everything is clear and the table of contents can be used as a hyper reference. In addition, a left frame with all elements of the content for direct selection appears in Acrobat Reader. Also, cross-references in the text and footnotes are now active links in the PDF document!